lmao class was canceled because the fire alarms went off, I think someone was blazin’ it a lil too hard in one of the bathrooms.┬áIt was cool tho, I got to pet the raddest frenchie when we were all standing outside.

I love Chicago, man.

happy-sad-everything-in-between asked:

As a fellow animator, I was just curious, why do you prefer to use Photoshop? I've used PS and Flash for animations and found to really prefer Flash (really liking the vectors over pixels XD) so I'm just curious about your take on it.

Honestly it’s just because I’m crazy lazy.

I tried to use flash when I was in highschool, but it was really hard for me to figure out, I kinda gave up and just ended up using what I already knew. I’m what you might call technologically inept.